Studios and Lounge

Studio A

The Parlor represents 4 years of design, planning, and construction. No expense was spared in order to provide New Orleans with the finest acoustic space possible, built from the ground up and consisting of a large tracking room, control room, three iso booths, and an echo chamber.

Each room is its own isolated structure, shaped by solid-filled concrete block walls with separate slabs for floors. Top of the line sound control doors and precise glass work complete the isolation, creating a whisper-quiet environment with negligible room-to-room interaction.

When it came to aesthetics, we chose rich red fabrics, reclaimed heart pine floors/mahogany trim, industrial hardware, custom-milled waveboard for diffusion, and Edison-style light fixtures. There is a warmth and glow to the space that will inspire creativity and allow oneself to get lost in the musical moment.

Most importantly, however, is the sound. We wanted the rooms to be lively, yet controlled. While there are strong reflective surfaces such as brick and wood walls, the lush fabric hides a network of baffles and diffusers, expertly placed by designer Dave Mattingly to control ambience and achieve acoustic perfection

Dave’s many years of studio construction, notably on places we found inspirational such as Blackbird Studio and Third Man Records, gave us complete faith that the room would deliver the goods. One listen to drums in the big room only confirms that New Orleans has a studio that can compete with the finest in Nashville, New York, or L.A.

Our centerpiece vintage Neve 8078 console was fully refurbished and sounds as immaculate as it looks, and all the gear and rooms are interconnected with the cleanest possible wiring and brand new patchbays. Our perfectly treated control room and full-range Barefoot monitors will give you the ultimate reference point and illuminate details in your music that you never knew existed.

At The Parlor, our goal is nothing short of giving you the best recording experience of your life. Please navigate over to the Gear Page to see our selection of the finest microphones, outboard, and instruments.

  • Main tracking room - 1140 sq ft
  • Control room - 815 sq ft
  • Iso 1 (Piano and other keyboards) - 386 sq ft
  • Iso 2 (Vocal booth) - 144 sq ft
  • Iso 3 (Drum iso) - 253 sq ft
  • Echo chamber - 104 sq ft


Also provided with your studio time is a very cozy and private lounge/kitchen area. Amenities include a large flatscreen TV with Xbox One, cable with sports and entertainment packages, an adjacent office/workspace, Sub-Zero refrigerator that can be stocked with special requests, and a private bathroom with a large shower.